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Looking for a good qualified Jaguar mechanic you can trust?

Look no further than European Motor Cars. We’ve been providing quality service and repair of Jaguar automobiles in the greater Atlanta area for over 30 years.

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Tune Ups and Oil Filter Services For Jaguar XF, XJ, XK, S Type, XJS, XJR

At European Motor Cars, you can be sure that a trained professional is going to provide the kind of services you need for your Jaguar to thrive. Whether you need an inspection or a replacement of parts, we can do it all for your British import vehicle. We understand how difficult it can be to get specific parts for your Jaguar, and that is why we offer installations for spark plugs, hoses and filters, changing the oil, and diagnosing any damages, wear, or future problems.

Jaguar Automobile Emissions Repair

Most drivers are aware that the emissions their vehicle spouts cannot exceed a certain limit and still be driven legally. The gases that your Jaguar emits can affect not only the environment, but the way your vehicle performs. Parts such as the oxygen sensors, the evaporative and recirculation systems, and the catalytic converter are always areas of concern when needing to make emissions repairs, although issues could also turn out to be as simple as a leaky gas cap or malfunctioning thermostat. Since these parts can directly influence the legality of driving your Jaguar, it’s important to visit European Motor Cars and have real professionals take a look at your emissions system. The key to effective emissions repairs is visiting a facility that has all of the tools and equipment necessary to get the job done right.

Electrical System Diagnostics and Repair For Jag XF, XJ, XK, S Type, XJS, XJR

Your electrical system is powered by the car’s battery, and whether the real issue has to do with the wiring or the battery itself, symptoms can range to a confusing degree. Often, electrical malfunction is accompanied with abnormal crossovers which the driver will be able to pick up on quickly, but this isn’t always the case. Electrical issues are also often the reason for starter and alternator failure, because these components need the spark that the battery provides to create the combustion for your engine to start. At European Motor Cars, we can help prevent you from being stranded due to electrical failure by utilizing diagnostic methods to ensure that the right amount of current is being drawn from your battery, and that it is being received properly by the many accessories, devices, and systems in your Jaguar.

Heating and A/C Repair

A great climate control system makes all the difference between feelings of comfort in your Jaguar and desperately trying to get away from your car as soon as possible. On one side, the heating and air conditioning systems are pretty stable components of your car, but conversely if they do break, it can turn into a complicated mess that only a professional should handle. You could have a broken compressor, condenser, fan, or evaporator on your hands, or the trouble could lie in leaking hoses or broken valves. Any of these issues could turn any harsh-weather day into a day where you opt to stay home. At European Motor Cars, we can service your heating and air conditioning system no matter what the problem is; whether it’s as simple as recharging your air conditioning with Freon, or having to replace the entire heater core.

Shocks and Struts

The shocks and struts enable the absorption of energy from the working springs underneath your Jaguar, and are integral parts of your suspension system. When you go over a bump, pot hole, crack, or gravel, any bounce that you feel has been significantly dampened by your shocks and/or struts. The most important parts are the front-end components of Jaguars, because this works as a better stabilizer for the driver than the rear. At European Motor Cars, we can inspect and repair many different types of shocks and struts and our specialists have access to high quality equipment for both diagnostic reasons and replacement services.

Engine Work

When you encounter an engine problem, peek under the hood of your Jaguar, and see a wide variety of parts and pieces around your engine that you’re not familiar with, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and fear for the worst. At European Motor Cars, we are more than familiar with every system operating within your Jaguar, and we can methodically isolate the exact parts of your vehicle that are causing the trouble. Keeping your engine clean and well oiled can protect you from many potential engine problems, and regular inspections throughout is a great means of preventative care. If your Jaguar starts to show signs of engine trouble or needs to be completely rebuilt, the mechanics at European Motor Cars can provide smart solutions to even the most severe or complicated problems.

Brake Repair

Getting your vehicle to drive you were you need to go is very important, but it’s also important that your Jaguar stops when you get to your destination. Keeping up on your brake pads is important for a smooth stop and for keeping the rotors in good shape, especially because European brakes are built thinner to begin with, and must be handled a certain way. When you bring your Jaguar to European Motor Cars, we can change out the parts of your brake system that need replaced, including the brake pad sensors that are equipped in many vehicles. Full service brake repair is just one of the many services that we offer Jaguar owners to keep you and your passengers safe and confident.

Mufflers and Exhaust

If you’ve ever had a problem with your Jaguar’s muffler, you most likely weren’t the only one to notice. Mufflers work to control the noise level of the gases traveling through your exhaust system, and a cracked or broken muffler is one that won’t muffle anything. Your exhaust system as a whole is vital to the functioning of your vehicle and is directly related with your emissions status, as the gases involved in your exhaust system can be harmful and polluting when this system is disrupted or malfunctioning. At European Motor Cars, we can service the series of specialized pipes that make up your exhaust system, including your muffler and tail pipe.

Suspension and Steering

While many Jaguar owners have the luxury of driving a car that provides a smooth ride, the suspension is something that should never be taken for granted. Your suspension is designed to provide you with the even, quiet driving that you’ve come to expect out of a Jaguar, but malfunctioning parts can cause you to fight with the steering. Because the two systems are equally important and work in a synchronized fashion with each other, our specialists inspect and test them together to make sure both facets of your Jaguar are functioning as they should.

Fuel System Repair

A fuel system is the key to moving the gas to the engine and creating combustion so the engine can move your vehicle. If your car has become erratic when driving, or hard to start on inclines, it can be a fuel delivery system problem. Your fuel injector is engineered to deliver a very specific amount of fuel as a fine mist, and interruptions with this process will mean that your engine can’t get the fuel it needs to run properly. Because your fuel system deals with highly flammable substances and pressure, it’s important that only a trained team of expert like those at European Motor Cars tend to your Jaguar’s fuel delivery system.

Timing Belt and Water Pump Replacement

A timing belt is not one of the most well-known parts of a car, but it regulates the camshaft and crankshaft and helps the engine work efficiently, so it’s a very important component. Likewise, the water pump is often another underestimated part, and works by pumping water through your engine to keep it from overheating. While the timing belts can become worn out, it is more common that the tension of the timing belt loosens. The water pump usually only defects in one way, which is not being able to send water to the engine, causing overheating issues. At European Motor Cars, if you need a replacement for your timing belt or you need repair for damages caused by timing belt failure, our mechanics will also inspect your water pump and can offer replacements as a preventative measure to avoid further engine damage.

Transmission Services

When your transmission is in trouble, you may notice leaking transmission fluid underneath your Jaguar, or problems with your car shifting gears. This is one of those systems that really pays off to keep well-maintained, because your transmission is responsible for transferring power to your Jaguar’s wheels, and serious repairs can be expensive. At European Motor Cars, our specialists will drain your old transmission fluid, replace it, and inspect the transmission equipment for common issues, at which point we will provide quality repairs and replacements as needed.