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Looking for a good Audi mechanic you can trust?

Look no further than European Motor Cars. We’ve been providing quality service and repair of Audi automobiles in the greater Atlanta area for over 30 years.

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Tune Ups and Oil Filter Services For Audi A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, S4, S5, S6, S7, S8 and TT

When you bring your Audi to European Motor Cars, you can be sure that a trained professional is going to deliver exactly the kind of services you need. From inspecting or replacing the spark plugs, hoses and filters to changing the oil and diagnosing any damages, wear, or future problems, you’ll be able to leave our facility with the peace of mind that you’re driving safely and doing your part to prevent costly repairs in the future.

Audi Emissions Repair

Your emissions system must operate efficiently in order to pass state inspections and be legal to drive. This system is related to the exhaust that your Audi emits and how much pollution it puts into the air. Parts such as the catalytic convertor, oxygen sensors, and the recirculation and evaporative systems are taken into account when it comes to your emissions status, so it’s important that these parts of your Audi are kept at peak performance. At European Motor Cars, we offer all-encompassing emissions repairs to fix any leaks, malfunctions or worn parts that are increasing the amount of pollutants your vehicle emits, which keeps the environment safe and you driving legally.

Audi Electrical System Diagnostics and Repair for A4, A5, A6, A7, A8

Your battery helps you start your engine and run all of the accessories and devices that are installed into your Audi. All batteries wear out over time, but treating your vehicle well and staying on top of regular maintenance can mean a world of difference in the longevity of your battery. A dying battery can be the result of something as simple as always forgetting to turn off lights inside of the vehicle, or it can be a symptom of a much larger problem that deals with other systems of your Audi. An inspection of your vehicle’s electrical system will uncover any malfunctions or damages within the circuits, gauges, motors and sensors that could be causing problems and accelerating the wear of other components. If you find that your electrical accessories aren’t functioning, your vehicle’s fuses keep blowing, or you’re having trouble starting your engine or keeping it going, it’s time to stop by European Motor Cars.

Heating and A/C Repair

Having efficient climate control capabilities inside of our vehicles is something that many of us take for granted until we find ourselves having to roll the windows down in the summer to get relief from the heat, or having to bring extra blankets with us on long trips during the winter. Unfortunately, the heating and a/c in your Audi can malfunction due to one of many reasons, and the solutions often need to be found by professionals. A bad compressor, condenser, fan, evaporator or leaking hoses or valves can create a myriad of symptoms. No hot/cold air, clicking from underneath your engine, cold air blowing when you’re driving but warm air blowing when you’re stopped, and weak airflow from your vents are all signs that your heating and air conditioning system needs to be looked at by a specialist.

Shocks and Struts

Depending on the model of Audi, you may find yourself in need of quality repair when it comes to your shock absorber or strut assembly. These parts of your vehicle dampen the impact as you drive over uneven ground, which means that faults within your suspension system will cause a bumpy ride. Shocks and struts, although often overlooked, affect more than just the smoothness of your ride; the overall handling of your Audi, including your braking efficiency and control when turning, is thrown off balance when damages or malfunction are present. Our team at European Motor Cars can address any type of issue with shock absorbers and strut assembly, and our mechanics can diagnose the needed repairs or replacements so that you can drive safely and comfortably.

Engine Work

Your Audi’s engine is the heart of the vehicle. No auto part is built to last forever, but keeping your engine clean and in top shape is the best way to get the most out of this sophisticated machine. An engine that runs perfectly is one where all components are in working order, including gaskets, spark plugs, valves, pistons, cylinders, and more. At European Motor Cars, we can tackle any engine problem thrown our way, from diagnosing small repairs that need to be made that help ensure your driving efficiency, to removing, stripping and completely rebuilding your engine to manufacturer standards. If your Audi starts showing signs of engine trouble such as knocking, decreased gas mileage, backfiring, stalling, or difficulty starting, the team at European Motor Cars knows exactly what to look for to find reliable solutions the first time around.

Brake Repair

Your braking system is one of the most important safety aspects of your vehicle, and because it is constantly being used, it’s always wearing down to some degree. When your brake pads become thin, they need to be replaced in order to keep from grinding, squealing, and eventually failing. At European Motor Cars, we change out the parts of your brake system that need replacement, as well as the brake pad sensors that are equipped in many vehicles. From replacing brake rotors to lubricating essential parts and replenishing brake fluid, our Audi mechanics offer the most reliable brake services in the area.

Mufflers and Exhaust

Your exhaust system is responsible for keeping harmful gases away from the passengers in your Audi and transporting them out of your vehicle as quietly as possible. If your exhaust is creating a lot of noise, there are fumes leaking into the vehicle, there’s rattling or banging underneath, or you experience rough idling or a lack of power, something is definitely not right. At European Motor Cars, we inspect every inch of your exhaust system to uncover what your exact problem is and how it can be solved efficiently and safely. Broken mounts, cracked pipes, and damaged mufflers are among some of the most common exhaust problems out there, and are just a few of the repairs that our specialists can handle.

Suspension and Steering

From bolts that simply need to be tightened to control arms, ball joints, bushings or sway bars that need repair or replacement, European Motor Cars has the answer to your Audi’s suspension problems. While many Audi owners might think the worst that could happen when experiencing suspension trouble is suffering through a lot of impact when going over bumps, they might be underestimating how suspension issues really affect the amount of control they have over their vehicle. Your suspension system is meant to keep your vehicle on the road and touching the ground at all times, and bad shocks or struts can make a big difference with braking and cornering efficiency. Along with your suspension, your steering system is another series of components that work together to help you achieve control while driving. For this reason, it’s always important to get both systems inspected when either one is experiencing problems, and at European Motor Cars, we do just that.

Fuel System Repair

A vehicle that is slow to start and has trouble maintaining good performance and gas mileage is one that needs to be inspected for fuel system repair. The fuel injectors within your system are subjected to a lot of heat, and one of the most common complications that these injectors face is the buildup of residue. This residue hardens and blocks the proper flow of fuel, which means that your Audi isn’t going to perform as well as it should. Likewise, the fuel pump and fuel tank in your vehicle are also vital to the performance of your overall fuel system, and both can experience their own problems or damages. For fuel system maintenance, repairs, and replacement parts, a trip to our facility may be all that you need to get your Audi back on the road.

Timing Belt and Water Pump Replacement

While the timing belt in your Audi is vital for smooth engine operation, the water pump is what circulates the coolant throughout the engine to ensure that it doesn’t overheat. Both components are essential to keeping your vehicle’s engine functioning as it should, and unfortunately, both components are susceptible to damage or failure over time. While timing belts can become worn and fail, it is more common that the culprit is really the timing belt tensioner, which takes up the slack in the belt. A bad tensioner can cause an array of problems, such as misfiring, bucking, and drivability issues. On the other hand, the water pump can cause problems such as an engine that keeps overheating, leaking from underneath your vehicle, grinding or whining noises from your pump, and even lack of air conditioning. A trip to European Motor Cars means getting the replacements you need, and therefore preventing much more serious and expensive engine trouble later on that could leave you stranded on the road.

Transmission Services

Symptoms of drive train and transmission trouble range from a mysterious leak of oily liquid underneath your Audi or gray smoke coming from your tailpipe, to an engine that isn’t running in tune with how fast your car is moving, or abnormal functionality when shifting gears. The most common reason for transmission components to break down is because of lack of routine maintenance. At European Motor Cars, our specialists can drain your old transmission fluid and inspect it for any clues that can lead us to the source of the trouble, at which point we provide quality repairs and replacements. We can also replenish your transmission fluid, clean and replace filters, and offer professional testing and leak inspections.